A sampling of some of  my favorite pieces from the past couple of years to the present

Hand made pottery mugs made with stoneware clay and a velvety peacock blue satin glaze

wheel thrown and textured stoneware Edison bulb lamp. Hand crafted brass touch sensor with dimmer switch.

wheel thrown stoneware mugs with satin glaze and a retro atomic theme.

wheel thrown vase made with Coleman Porcelain

handcrafted stoneware Edison bulb lamp with brass touch sensor and dimmer.

Rustic modern stoneware pottery mug with layered matte glaze

handcrafted stoneware mugs with satin teal glaze

handcrafted stoneware Edison bulb lamp with retro modern look and three level touch sensor dimmer.

stoneware mugs with satin glaze.

wheel thrown sake set made with dark stoneware clay

Porcelain chawan with wavey texture and glossy glaze

Spouted stoneware Matcha bowl with satin and matte glazes and finger mark pattern

Wheel thrown stoneware lamp with touch sensor

large stoneware vase and mug with satin white, matte blue glaze and exposed clay

Wheel thrown mug and cup made with dark stoneware clay and matte glaze

stoneware vases with satin and matte glazes

textured stoneware sake set

stoneware mug and pitcher

porcelain pourer with glossy glaze and textured grip.

thin walled bowl with layered glaze.

small porcelain pourer with layered satin and glossy glaze

stoneware Edison bulb lamps

Ghost vase, wheel thrown porcelain vase with brushstroke pattern

porcelain cup, wheel thrown with Coleman porcelain and brushstroke glaze pattern

stoneware sake set

Wheel thrown vases and mug

stoneware planter with whirling texture and matte glaze

Porcelain mugs with brushstroke pattern

porcelain planter with texture and layered glazes

porcelain planter with brushstroke pattern

porcelain sake set with matte glaze and brushstroke pattern

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