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My name is Bob Trevorrow and I am a studio potter living and working in Austin TX.  All of the pottery that you see on this site is hand made, by me in my Austin studio.  my pottery is made on the throwing wheel using high fired stoneware and porcelain clay and hand mixed glazes, no molds or extruders are used.   I work in small batches and focus on the individual piece with a emphasis on craftsmanship and fine details.  My influences include Danish Mid Century design as well as Japanese and Korean design and pottery.  I strive to create extremely comfortable, full functional ceramics with a modern look.  Though I obsess on quality, I like my pottery to retain some of the uniqueness and charm of the hand made object and I frequently use the terms "handcrafted modern" or with some pieces, "rustic modern" to describe my work.  One of my greatest joys is when somebody tells me how much they enjoy using a piece of my pottery and this motivates me tremendously.  I hope you find something you like here and I would like to invite you to contact me if you would like more information or just to talk "pots". Thank you 
Bob Trevorrow

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